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    Heart of Stone KU

    Heart of stone: kindle unlimited Hello, my loves!   Heart of Stone (Memento Mori, #1) has officially been enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and will stay there until 25 October, 2022 – maybe even longer. This means that if you’re looking to read the book, you must either purchase the eBook on Amazon, or you must buy the paperback/hardcover. The paperback/hardcover is available several different places, such as Barnes&Noble, BookDepository, etc. A quick Google search will help you find out whether it’s available at your preferred bookstore.   The eBook of Heart of Stone will be FREE to download from the Kindle store between 6 October and 11 October 2022.  …

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    The Night Series update: 26 June 2022

    The night series update 26.06.2022 My dear readers, For the sake of transparency, I’ve – after some serious consideration – come to the conclusion that I should probably announce the following to you lot: Before I say anything else, I just want to stress: do not panic. What I’m about to say will not actually impact your reading experience at all. I have made the decision to unpublish Skin of the Night and Into the Night with the intention of altering them. As such, I have now made the books unavailable for purchase. This is the exception to the rule and is not something I will be repeating for other…

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