Is Skin of the Night part of a series?

Yes, and it consists of four books, though only the first two have been published so far. The series is titled The Night.

The books of The Night series are as follows, in chronological order:

1. Skin of the Night

2. Into the Night

3. Lost in the Night

4. Everlasting Night

Where can I buy your books?

Click here to find links to a few places. All my published works are listed there.

A quick Google search of the title and my name should also provide some answers (i.e. ‘Skin of the Night C.K. Bennett’). Click here to find my Goodreads profile, and here to find my author profile on Amazon. You will be able to see all my available works there.

What formats are your books available in?

All my books will be possible to purchase as hardcover, paperback and ebook.

How many chapters are there in each book, approximately?

Each book will be somewhere between 25-30 chapters long, and each chapter ranges between 3500-6000 words in length.

Each book is between 120.000-150.000 words (although book 4 in the series, namely Everlasting Night, is likely to turn out as the longest book and might surpass 150.000 words easily).

Skin of the Night is 478 pages long, and the book is 5.5×8.5 trim size, meaning it’s 5.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.

Into the Night is 450 pages long, and the same trim size as its prequel, Skin of the Night.

“I was reading Skin of the Night on Inkitt/Wattpad, right up to the point of chapter 90-something, when they were at Jason’s birthday party. Which book is this part of?”

Jason’s birthday party, as it looks now, will be part of book 4.

Considerable changes have been made to all the books before then, though, so I do recommend reading them first because I am likely to make slight alterations to book 4 as well once I start editing it. This means certain (or a lot) of things won’t make sense to you unless you’ve read the published versions of the books leading up to nr. 4.

When can we expect book 3, Lost In the Night?

Right, so, a LOT of research goes into my books. I am extremely cautious with every single detail as it is of utmost importance to me to make my story as true to life as possible. Not even the placement of one’s hand is an accident in my books. Every. Single. Detail. is carefully planned out.

Book 2 Into the Night demanded a lot of research, and book 3 Lost in the Night is going to require even more. There are plenty of legal issues that will arise, as well as health issues, professional (work-related) issues, and romantic issues. In order to do these issues justice, and respect your intelligence as a reader, I won’t storm through book 3. Instead, I mean to take my sweet time to make sure I have paid every single detail meticulous attention before I publish.

As it looks now, Lost In the Night will not be published till 2022. I’ve got my hands completely full career-wise, so I won’t start working on book 3 Lost In the Night till after the summer of 2021. It’s just not possible, I’m afraid.

Rest assured, Lost In the Night will have lots of positive changes, especially in terms of plot, as I mean to add much more substance to it. As it was before, I personally thought there was too much fluff, and while lots of it will stay, I’m also adding more details pertaining to Cara’s work situation etc. I’m really looking forward to starting. My fingers are itching to explore my ideas!

“I was reading your book Under the Billionaire’s Umbrella before you removed it from Wattpad. Will you be publishing this book?”

First of all, that extremely cringey title needs to go. I only made it as an experiment on Wattpad to check whether it was lucrative in terms of attracting readers. Now that I’ll be more established as an author, I will be changing the title to something less generic and more original.

Second, I do have plans for that book (it will probably turn into a series to be honest). However, I mean to finish The Night series before I start working on it. The plot will be considerably different from the one that was previously posted on Wattpad, although the characters’ personalities will remain essentially the same. The comedy and lots of the scenes will also remain, so don’t worry about that. I’m simply adding more substance to the plot. One major change is that Ivy and Alex have known each other since they were only kids, for example.

Is there a Spotify playlist for The Night series?

There are two at the moment. You can find them on my Spotify profile.


  • Lisa Kirner

    I just really need you to know that I’ve been following you on Inkitt and have been not very patiently waiting for these to come out on Amazon. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE, I LOVE THE RESEARCH, I LOVE THE SELF REFLECTION. THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE NIGHT SERIES I DON’T LOVE OTHER THAN WAITING FOR THE NEXT BOOK!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Donna

    You’re an incredible writer and I’ve never been so hooked on a book before in my life and I can not wait untill I can get these books in hard cover copies which will hopefully be very soon.

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