Is Skin of the Night part of a series?

Yes, and it consists of three books, though only the first is available so far. The series is titled The Night.

The books in The Night series are as follows, in chronological order:

1. Skin of the Night

2. Into the Night

3. Everlasting Night

When can we expect book #3 of The Night series?

I’m aiming for mid-2024. You see the progress of my work here.

Why are you reworking Skin of the Night and Into the Night?

Long story short, I realised it was being read very differently from how I intended, so I adjusted it in hopes that my vision might come across more clearly.

Do I have to read the new version of Skin of the Night to understand the sequel?

No. The sequel Into the Night is also getting reworked, and it will make perfect sense to you once it comes out.

I don’t recommend that you try to find the 1st edition of the sequel anywhere in the meantime, as that version no longer makes sense in light of the changes to Skin of the Night. If I were you, I would wait with reading the sequel till the reworked version comes out.

What changes have you made to Skin of the Night?

The story is fundamentally the same, but many scenes have been added, others removed. Most scenes have been tweaked, some quite drastically. The prose has also been polished. When I say the story is “fundamentally the same”, I mean that it follows the same plot line in which Cara gets “entangled” (lol) with her boss.

Is Heart of Stone part of a series?

Yes, and it’s titled Memento Mori. It will be a duet.

When can we expect book #2 of Memento Mori, Fall From Grace?

The aim is to release it in 2024. You see the progress of my work here.

Where can I buy your books?

Click here to find links to a few places. All my published works are listed there.

A quick Google search of the title and my name should also provide some answers (i.e. ‘Skin of the Night C.K. Bennett’).

What formats are your books available in?

All my books can be purchased as hardcover, paperback and ebook.

How many chapters are there in each book in The Night series, approximately?

Each book is somewhere between 25-30 chapters long, and each chapter ranges between 3500-6000 words.

However, the final book in the series will be longer than the others and will definitely surpass that number of chapters.

Is there a Spotify playlist for The Night series?

There are two at the moment. You can find them on my Spotify profile.

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