The night series update


My dear readers,

For the sake of transparency, I’ve – after some serious consideration – come to the conclusion that I should probably announce the following to you lot:

Before I say anything else, I just want to stress: do not panic. What I’m about to say will not actually impact your reading experience at all.

I have made the decision to unpublish Skin of the Night and Into the Night with the intention of altering them. As such, I have now made the books unavailable for purchase. This is the exception to the rule and is not something I will be repeating for other works I produce in the future. 

These changes will NOT affect the content of the sequels in The Night series, such as book 3 or book 4. In other words, you can continue reading The Night series as if I never said anything. Books 3 & 4 will still make perfect sense to you regardless of the changes I’m making to books 1 & 2. It will also not affect the copies you currently have in which, if you’ve got the ebooks or the physical books, they will remain unchanged in your library for ever.

The reason I’m telling you this is to avoid future confusion, in which new readers will not have read exactly the same version as you. I’m announcing this strictly to make you aware of that.

If you decide to read the altered versions once they are released, bear in mind that you should judge them separately – you shouldn’t compare them to the old versions, as that’s irrelevant to the content of the new versions. Additionally, I just want to repeat that there is no need whatsoever for you to read them. If you’ve already read books 1 & 2, you’re more than ready to handle the content of the sequels.

I’m already 2/3 through rewriting Skin of the Night. This means that some of the scenes you’ve read will be missing in the new version, and a few new bits will have been added. Skin of the Night is also the book which will have the most changes, and some of them are indeed quite drastic. In my opinion, they are all improvements, but if you happen to read it and don’t agree, remember that you’ve still got the old version to cherish 🥰

I’m writing book 3 in the middle of all this, which is actually working out fantastically, because it’s helping me refresh my memory of minor details that need to be addressed in book 3 (Lost in the Night).

In conclusion, nothing’s really changed for those who have already read my works so far. This is just a heads-up.

LOVE YOU!!! Sorry if I scared you 🥺💖💖💖💖

Yours sincerely,

Claire x

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